- C$140
Fischer Twin Skin Carbon Skis IFP 2020
- C$140
Fischer Twin Skin Carbon Skis IFP 2020

Fischer Twin Skin Carbon Skis IFP 2020

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A shorter skin length paired with an adjustable position TURNAMIC® binding is the key to the Twin Skin Carbon's impressive performance. Reposition the binding to improve grip or to improve glide, based on the snow conditions. Twin Skin technology features

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Product description


  • Item no. N13519
  • Plate IFP
  • Base / Climbing zone World Cup Plus / Twin Skin Mohair
  • Sidecut 41-44-44
  • Construction 902
  • Stamp 902
  • Weight/Length 1080
  • Lengths 187, 192, 197, 202, 207


Twin Skin

Two separate skin strips arranged in offset positions and with variable base-depth integration result in smooth and balanced gliding.Mohair skins ensure you can rely on the kick action, especially in hard or icy conditions.Thanks to the unique Teflon coating of the skins, moisture absorption and subsequent icing is completely minimised.

Finish First

The finishing touch now comes from Finish First: the term that covers and unites all the individual technological steps in the course of the final treatment of the base.


Infrared preparation with fluoride-content hot wax. Best gliding properties, protection against dirt and oxidation. Powered by VAUHTI.

Precision Pairing System

The next generation in ski pairing: fully automatic dynamic measurements of a multitude of pairing criteria ensures precise ski choice and optimised pairing.

DTG World Cup Plus

Deeper and coarser Plus structure, ideal for warm and moist conditions. Produced using natural diamond.

Power Edge

Reinforced ski chassis ensures longer service life. Homogeneous pressure distribution ensures uniform wax wear.

Air Core Carbon

The most successful ski core with over 80% air content for extremely light weight. Optimum performance thanks to torsion-free and break-resistant technology.

Classic 902

Race ski construction with noticeable pressure relief at the ski tip and tail for a direct, quick and safe kick phase. Ideal for: universal to wet conditions, klister.

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