Fischer Speedmax 3D Twin Skin 902 Skis 2020

Fischer Speedmax 3D Twin Skin 902 Skis 2020

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A ski intended for the most advanced skiers looking for a joker for cold conditions and on frozen slopes. Our Twin Skin system, available on our Speedmax 3D gram: a formidable combo of performance and nervousness, bearing the RaceCode label, guaranteeing

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Product description

Finish First

Finish First refers to the last finish: the concept that brings together all the individual technological steps during the final treatment of the slab.


Infrared preparation with warm fluorine wax. Optimal sliding properties, protection against dirt and oxidation. Powered by VAUHTI.

Cold Base Bonding

The revolution in ski construction: Speedmax technology to protect the homogeneity of the molecular structure of the insole and the perfect absorption of the wax. It guarantees maximum speed.

Precision Pairing System

The latest generation of ski pairing: fully automatic static and dynamic measurement of numerous pairing criteria that guarantees a precise choice of skis and an optimal pairing.

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