Fischer Speedmax 3D Classic Plus 812 Skis 2020

Fischer Speedmax 3D Classic Plus 812 Skis 2020

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Choose the Speedmax 3D Classic Plus 812 for moving fast in a broad range of snow conditions. Gliding Sidewall construction provides a seamless, smooth surface to both sides of the ski ensuring the reduction of friction for improved performance. Longer dyn

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Product description

Finish First

The term covers and unifies the individual technological stages of preparing the ski glide.


A special preparation with fluoride content and hot wax, provides the best properties and protection against dirt and oxidation. Based on VAUHTI experience and technology.

Cold Base Bonding

The technology used in Speedmax skis - protects the homogeneous molecular structure of the glide to maintain perfect wax absorption. It guarantees maximum speed.

Precision Pairing System

A new era in ski pairing - fully automated, dynamic measurements of many criteria guarantee a precise selection of skis with almost identical parameters.

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