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Binding equipped with TURNAMIC® technology for skating.

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Product description

Fischer Race Skate IFP Binding 2022

For demanding skiers, the Race Skate IFP binding for skating is a must. Easy to use which increases performance and fun on skis.


The fastener slides quickly over the plate without the need for tools. When it comes time to ski, it is not necessary to take off your gloves to use the Turn Lock mechanism, this makes putting on and taking off easier than before.


TURNAMIC® bindings do not require any tools to be adjusted, adjustment is easy for skiers. Sliding the system in the front will provide more stability, while sliding it in the back will significantly improve glide.


Thanks to the optimized boot-binding-plate-ski system, TURNAMIC® opens up new perspectives in terms of performance. FLOWFLEX® technology allows the ski to deform freely, letting you enjoy all the qualities of your skis without constraint.


  • TURN LOCK - The ergonomic design of the lever with secure-grip soft components enables intuitive handling when stepping in and out of the binding. Haptic and acoustic response when opening and closing. Protected against unwanted opening.

  • TOOL FREE - The mounting and positioning works tool-free and is optimized for easy operation even in difficult conditions on the track. A clearly visible value display in the windows next to the adjustment and the sensible latching facilitates positioning.

  • DOUBLE LOCKING SYSTEM - Double locking clip for easy and safe fixation and adjustment of the binding on the IFP (Integrated Fixation Plate).

  • TORSION-PROOFED BODY - The well-thought-out (in all details) housing construction with broad contact surface and torsionally stiff geometry is the basis for direct power transfer. Previously unattained ski control and forward thrust go hand in hand with low weight.

  • STABILIZER - The shape of the Race Pro Skate housing keeps the ski balanced horizontally after every kick. Perfect ski control – even when the ski is in the air.

  • STEP-IN - The Step-In mechanism makes it extremely easy to step into the binding. You can hear a clear 'click' when the binding is closed properly.

  • HEEL PRE-ADJUST - Adjustable heel section where the boot size is preselected using snap hooks on the heel rails. The heel is automatically positioned with it when the position is adjusted so no separate adjustments are necessary later.

  • FLEXOR SKATING - Flexor developed for skating style with flex grade 11.0 and progressive power flow. Pre-load technology ensures the best ski control from the beginning of the motion. 40° working angle (amplitude), tool-free changeover, secure fit inside binding housing and low-wear material are what make this high-performance absorber stand out.

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