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The comfortable shoe.

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Fischer RC3 Classic Boot 2022

Greatly appreciated by classic fans for its insulation and comfort qualities, it is adorned with a new lining and Speed ​​Lock Lacing to save time and make it easier to put on. New heel counter for additional support.


The Triple-F membrane acts doubly useful to keep your feet dry: on the one hand it reinforces the waterproofness of the shoe, and on the other it allows your feet to breathe and evacuate the excess of moisture from your feet. The inside of the shoe stays dry and warm regardless of the weather outside.


In the lining there is a thin layer of insulation located in the places most exposed to the penetration of cold, providing additional protection for your feet.


  • COMFORT GUARD - This very light, water-repellent insulating material provides better thermal protection in the forefoot and toe area.
  • LACE COVER - Additional protection against snow, to guarantee you the best insulation.
  • FISCHER FRESH - Fischer Fresh puts an end to unpleasant odors, giving you lasting freshness inside the cross country skiing boot with a pleasant smell and feeling inside.
  • FISCHER SPEED LOCK - New revolutionary quick release, compact and ultra-light system. Tighten the laces, and voila! The system guarantees a secure and reliable hold.
  • TRIPLE F MEMBRANE - Special membrane that ensures ideal comfort by keeping the shoe dry, warm and breathable.
  • INTERNAL HEEL REINFORCEMENT - Internal anatomical heel reinforcement; easy thermoforming for individual adjustment.
  • SPORT FIT CONCEPT - The right fit, in all cases. Whether it is designed for the comfort or competition model taking into account the morphology of the female foot or the teenager's foot, whether it is to meet the comfort requirements of versatile skiers or to ensure direct transmission support in competition, the Boot Fit Concept with its different forms of fit always responds to the different needs and the different morphologies of the various user groups.
  • THERMO FIT - Thermoformable foam padding with remarkable heat-insulating properties that perfectly conforms to the shape of the foot.
  • TURNAMIC® PERFORMANCE - Robust sole for sporty skiing style. The flat construction enables a longer gliding phase through easier balance. Flex grooves and soft sole flex support the smooth kick. The profile is non-slip and self-cleaning. 2K-Desmopan® material blend for enhanced skiing performance.

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