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Stolen Goat Bodyline One Woman Bibs Black/Purple

Stolen Goat Bodyline One Woman Bibs Black/Purple

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Stolen Goat
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Stolen Goat Bodyline One Woman Bibs Black/Purple

Stolen Goat Women's Bodyline shorts feature a proprietary chamois pad that has been developed alongside professional female cyclists from the Dutch and Belgian national teams. The pad is the ideal density for long, hard rides but crucially is located in the perfect position within the shorts. Meaning you can ride harder and further uninterrupted.

The pad uses dimple technology to improve airflow. Anti-bacterial and fast drying fabric ensures that hygiene and comfort are maintained all day long.

The bib shorts have a slightly compressive feel and feature an elasticated cuff to keep the shorts in place all day long. No nasty silicone gripper to pull at your skin..

The Bodyline ONE version of the shorts are constructed from a single piece of fabric resulting in a single seam only. They are UV protected and treated with "ColdBlack" which helps reflect heat from the sun, helping you maintain the right temperature whatever the weather.

  • One seam on the entire construction. Most bib shorts have multiple panels; this is less expensive to manufacture but creates more seams to sit against the skin. The ONE shorts have just one seam that passes under the pad.
  • Integrated back - this further helped maintain the rider core temperature. Some riders forego a base layer whilst using these shorts.
  • ColdBlack - a treatment applied to the fabric that helps reflect the sun's rays. This keeps your legs the right temperature and adds an extra level of UV protection.

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